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Dreamlink T2 5G

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Dreamlink T2 5G Dual Band WiFi model will comes with a Built-In WiFi  antenna 600 Mbps which will free up the space on the USB port to be used with some other device. The build in antenna of 600 Mbps will be 4 times as fast than the previous model.

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Dreamlink T2 5G Dual Band was designed to bring back the balance between Kodi (the most popular media center ) and the IPTV part of the unit . We have worked hard to offer not only a set top box with Android Operative system but to offer the latest one, Android 7 Nougat.

Android Nougat presents itself as one of the most important upgrades. New features and over 250 improvements make this operative system more customizable, efficient, and safe. All this is excellently made by Dreamlink T2 to offer you endless amusement. Of course, we did not leave the good things behind; the Google Play Store will continue offering you countless applications. Dreamlink T2 5G Dual Band  is the first IPTV set top box to contain the newest decoding technologies mixed with streaming media attributes including the already well-known DreamOnline.

Dreamlink T2 5G Dual Band 600 Mps keeps the previous menu options and styles from the previous model. If you have owned a Dreamlink T1, you will find Dreamlink T2 5G Dual Band IPTV Set Top Box very easy to set up as the previous unit; so you do not have to learn a box all over again. Our continuous improvement system will amaze you. Every time there is a new enhancement, updates will be released to keep you running smoothly.


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