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Advanced Bluetooth Voice Remote


Formuler’s advanced hybrid Bluetooth Voice Remote controller is specially designed to optimize your TV and media viewing experience. Universal infrared programmability for TV control and software programmable hotkeys gives you flexible device control options.

The BT1 remote is highly optimized to easily control all required functions of your Formuler streaming device and TV.  Intuitive button layout and design improves the User Experience and allows usage without looking down at the remote.

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Advanced Bluetooth Voice Remote with Universal TV Control

Model: GTV-BT1

Ergonomic Grip

Natural and balanced grip.  Buttons located in all the right places.  Weighs 140 grams* to provide the ultimate luxurious feel in the hand.

Universal TV Control

Use the Formuler Remote app to program your BT1 remote and control your digital TV.
Most major TV brands supported.  Control the TV Power, Source, Volume, Menu, and more.*

Weight .25 lbs


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